Welcome to the second instalment of the Triple Thrill Series! Once again, The Pavilion will play host, but this time round, SPW Southeast Asian Champion Lokomotiv will lead his home promotion, IWF Russia, as they take on top local talent in a series of high octane matches.


THE STATEMENT (Singapore) vs LOKOMOTIVE (Russia)

In the main event, a dream match awaits fans as The Statement challenges Lokomotiv for Southeast Asian supremacy. While Lokomotiv may be the most dominant competitor in the history of the Southeast Asian singles division, he has never faced arguably the most heralded Southeast Asian wrestler of all time, The Statement. Fans can expect over the top action, brutality and mindless excitement as both men are sure to tear the house, and themselves, down to the ground.

Russian Tag Team Championship
Russian Rammers (c) vs The Horrors

After not being pinned in Social Harmony, The Horrors have another shot at gold and redemption as they face the undisputed top team in Russia, Anton Deryabin and Vladimir Kulakov.

Between Anton and Vladimir, they share numerous singles and tag team championships, making the Russian Rammers the top team to beat in Russia. Just last weekend, they travelled to St Petersburg and added another promotion's tag belts to their growing resumes. Will the powerhouses add The Horrors to their list of causualties with a successful title defense?

Or will the days of Doctor Gore continuously having to comfort a depressed Butcherman finally be over as both men take their place as Champions? Buy a ticket to the show if you havent done so already, in order to find out!

Russian Rammers (Video):

The Horrors (Video):

TREXXUS (Singapore) vs KUVALDA (Russia)

Two of the top competitors in the history of IWF and SPW will go head to head in an epic singles encounter for national pride.

Kuvalda is one of IWF's most tenured wrestlers, winning the IWF title, Hardcore title and the tag titles- four times- in Russia. As one of the original pioneers of the promotion, his experience and strength are enhanced by his tendency to carry a hammer to ringside.

On the other side of the ring awaits Trexxus, a former Southeast Asian Champion and Singapore Tag Champion. The Prodigy has been on a losing streak of late, and after his recent losses, only a win against Kuv Alda here could set him back on the right track towards regaining his title. One more loss might prove a high profile loss too many for the usually tenacious Trexxus.

KyberPunks (Video):

SPW Southeast Asian Tag Team Championship

Mighty Dragon w/Jane Foo (c) v Russian KyberPunks

Mighty Dragon have been on a very successful title run that has captured the imagination of fans across the region. The supergroup (and Jane Foo) have roused a never before seen engagement with fans; 

Their run of defeated opponents have also been colourful- evil businessmen in Sayn RH's AMK, horror movie villains in The Horrors and K-Pop wannabees in Korea Nu Style. Up next is Vertigo and Sanya Punkoff, a pair going by The KyberPunks.

Apparently hailing from the future, perhaps the KyberPunks are privvy to unconventional styles that will catch the heavyweight heroes off guard. 

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Part 2: SPW v IWF (Russia)  -  4 May 2018